HKU Mentorship - Graduates in Beijing

Tips for Mentees

HKU Mentorship – Graduates in Beijing

Unique Features:

  • A partnership between the HKU Development & Alumni Affairs Office (DAAO) and the HKU Beijing Alumni Network;
  • Year-long mentorship, which may lead to a lifelong friendship;
  • Mentors: alumni with 10+ years’ working experience in Beijing; passionate about helping the next generation of graduates to unlock their career potential with advice and inspiration, and helping them grow networks;
  • Mentees: HKU undergraduates or postgraduates who graduated within the past two years, with a confirmed plan to work in Beijing within 6 months from the application date. Priority will be given to applicants with less working experience;
  • Mentors will serve on a pro-bono basis, and no charge for mentees to join this programme;
    Mentors 是港大校友回饋母校,以志願者身份對師弟妹的扶持;而 Mentees 亦無須支付任何費用;
  • Pairing: 1 mentor to 1 or 2 mentees;
  • Matching criteria: based on mentee’s aspirations and mentor’s experience.

MENTEES are expected to:
我們對 Mentees 的期望:

  • share with mentor your aspirations and expectations;
  • stay in touch with mentor and make yourself available for meetings; arrange meeting with mentor at least 4 times in a year;
    保持聯絡,一年最少見面 4 次;
  • respond to your mentor promptly and never let mentor’s emails, messages or calls go unanswered;
    及時回覆 mentor 電話或訊息;
  • take the initiative in arranging meetings / activities with mentor; join gatherings with mentor’s current and past mentee(s), or group gatherings with other mentors;
    主動邀請 mentor 會面,積極參與師友間聚會;
  • be open to criticism, new perspectives, opportunities, invitations or suggestions from your mentor;
    虛心接受 mentor 的批評或建議,擁抱各種新觀點、新機遇;
  • observe etiquette standards, e.g. send a thank-you message to mentor after meetings and be responsible, i.e. be punctual, respectful, courteous and grateful; keep the scheduled meeting time or give adequate notice of any change;
  • maintain confidentiality and protect the privacy of your mentor; do not disclose or share information about your mentor with others, and seek your mentor’s consent before sharing photos on social media or mentioning your mentor in your resume;
    保護雙方隱私;在社交媒體分享與 mentor 的交流内容,或在自己簡歷提及 mentor 相關資料時,需先徵得 mentor 同意;
  • provide feedback, experience and photos with the Programme Office for sharing on the Mentorship Website or social media to inspire others.

Mentees are reminded NOT to:
我們提醒 Mentees 不應

  • expect the liberty of selecting or changing mentor;
    期望可指定或更換 mentor;
  • request your mentor to secure you a job, in actual terms (though mentors are more than happy to give you career advice)
    要求 mentor 幫忙找工作 — 不過 mentor 會樂於提供職場建議;
  • take for granted that your mentor is going to have answers to all your problems / questions;
    期待 mentor 替你解決所有問題;
  • take for granted that your mentor is going to pay for everything;
    期待每次聚會或消費都由 mentor 買單;
  • be involved in verbal, written (incl. text messages) or physical conduct that may be insensitive or unwelcomed by your mentees. HKU’s Policies on Equal Opportunities, Sexual Discrimination or Harassment, and Disability Discrimination:
    做任何不適當並可能引起 mentor 不快的言行舉止。詳情參閲港大關於平等機會、殘疾歧視、性別歧視或性騷擾的指引:

Evaluation 項目評估:

Feedback will be collected from mentors and mentees throughout the year.
項目負責人將不定期向 mentors 及 mentees 收集意見。

  • Mentees who fail to achieve the desired standards, e.g. being unresponsive or irresponsible, misconduct, will be reminded of their responsibilities as a Mentee and may be disqualified;
    Mentees 如長期不回覆信息,做出不負責任或言行失當行為,將可能被中止資格;
  • Mentees’ comments will be considered in the re-invitation of mentors after one year.
    Mentees 的評價將作爲 mentors 是否續任的參考因素。