HKU Mentorship 25th 

A great celebration to mark the 25th year of Mentorship with 300 mentors and mentees! At this year’s Inauguration, the HKU AlumniLand was launched, with a special Mentorship 25th Gallery dedicated to HKU Mentors and HKU Mentees.

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HKU AlumniLand

The HKU AlumniLand integrates the physical and virtual worlds for you to join HKU events, reunite with your classmates, and connect with HKUers from different generations. It is digitalized with HKU in-housed 3D modeling and accurate visualization to preserve the heritage details of the Main Building.

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We invite you to continuously support HKU Mentorship and other student enrichment initiatives. Get recognized with your gift – own a personalized space at HKU AlumniLand, NFTs, and more! Details

*How to enter HKU AlumniLand? Enter HKU AlumniLand via the Spatial Platform. ​
For desktop/laptop, all you need is the web browser. ​
For mobile (iOS/ Android), please install the Spatial mobile app. Google Playstore | Apple App Store