About the Programme

What is HKU Mentorship?

A one-year programme commencing every November, Mentorship is a structured trio-basis or one-to-one partnership between a Mentor and Mentee(s).

Designed to complement students’ academic studies and to broaden their horizons, the Programme aims to create supportive mentoring relationships between alumni/friends of HKU (Mentors) and its undergraduates (Mentees) to facilitate students’ educational, social and personal growth.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

Each Mentee will be assigned to one mentor by a co-ordinated matching process, which is based on Mentees’ aspirations and Mentors’ experience, and the interests of both parties.

What are the typical activities for Mentor-Mentee(s) meetings?

There are two levels. On a programme-level, there will be group activities organised through the Mentorship Programme Office. These include an inauguration ceremony in November, University functions, and mentorship exclusive visits and sharing events. On an individual-level between Mentors and Mentees, activities may include office/home visits, lunches/dinners, sports or other activities, depending on the interests of the Mentors and Mentees. We would encourage Mentees to take the lead in initiating meetings and be innovative.

How often do Mentors and Mentees meet?

This depends on the schedules of both the Mentors and the Mentees. Typically, Mentors and Mentees meet four to five times a year, supplemented by a steady stream of communication through emails, social media, letters and phone calls.

For Mentees

What are the benefits of the Mentorship Programme?  

What you get out of a mentoring relationship is very much up to you. From past experience, we know that Mentees who take the lead in staying in touch with Mentors and those who are more open to their Mentor’s advice and suggestions will benefit the most from the experience. Generally, Mentees will learn a way to develop stronger interpersonal communications, improve critical and creative thinking, and gain broader perspectives and insights in many aspects.

I feel intimidated having to talk to a very successful person like my Mentor. How can I overcome this fear?

We are sometimes intimidated by knowledgeable people who seem to have so much more experience than we do. Overcoming this fear is perhaps another skill to learn. Your Mentor was chosen precisely because they have the years of experience to pass on their knowledge and advice. Your Mentor is a friend and a teacher who volunteers to participate in the Programme and welcomes contact with you and the sharing of ideas. This is not an academic programme and you will not be graded on your performance.

Who can apply?

HKU Mentorship is open for all Undergraduate students and Incoming Exchange Students who will study at HKU for one full year.

For HKU Mentorship (Overseas), all Outgoing Exchange Students of the HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme and Faculty Level Exchange Programme, who will be on exchange in a host country for one semester or longer, can apply to HKU Mentorship (Overseas).

When will applications open?

All Undergraduate Students and Full Year Incoming Exchange Students will be invited to apply for HKU Mentorship in September via email, social media, promotional materials and multimedia channels on campus. Eligible applicants will need to complete an online application form and attend a group interview.

For HKU Mentorship (Overseas), applications will start in April for applicants who will be on exchange in the following Fall Semester, and in November for applicants will be on exchange in the following Spring Semester. Eligible applicants will need to fill in an online application form and attend an interview.

How are the Mentees selected?

The selection of Mentees is based primarily on the information applicants give on their application form and their performance at the interview.

Students of Morrison Hall and University Hall may participate in the HKU Mentorship through their respective Hall’s internal selection and matching mechanism.

I am currently or planning to go on exchange to a university abroad during my second year. Can I still participate in the local programme?

The essence of the programme is about learning and sharing through interaction between Mentor and Mentee. Applicants who will be away during the programme year will not be accepted as HKU Mentees. Applicants will need to declare in their application form whether they will be away for exchange during the programme year.

Second-year undergraduate students who will be on exchange in the year are encouraged to apply to HKU Mentorship (Overseas) for a Mentor in their host countries first. When they return from exchange, they may consider to apply the HKU Mentorship in their third-year, so as to enjoy a full year of mentoring.

Can I still contact my Mentor after the Programme year has ended?

You are most welcome to develop a long-term relationship with your Mentor. Some Mentors are still in touch with their Mentees of many years ago and continue to arrange gatherings with mentees of different years.

What are the responsibilities of mentees?

There are certain duties and responsibilities accompanying the privilege of being a Mentee. For example, Mentees are expected to attend the Inauguration Ceremony and submit online contact report(s), together with a photo of them with their Mentor, to the Programme Facilitator. Mentees are also encouraged to share their stories, views and photos onto the Mentorship website. Please check the Tips for Mentees for more reference.

For Mentors

Who are HKU Mentors?

HKU mentors are alumni or friends of the University from all walks of life and a wide range of professions. They usually have over ten years’ professional working experience and are keen to get acquainted with the younger generations and to contribute to their personal development.

HKU Mentorship does not accept direct applications to be mentors; however, we do invite new Mentors who have been recommended to us by an active mentor, so that we may have a good understanding of the potential new Mentor.

What is the role of a Mentor?

A Mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor, friend, supporter and coach. HKU Mentors are expected to take care of his/her mentees by offering support and advice. Mentors may offer opinions and perspectives to challenge their Mentees intellectually, and maintain communications with mentees via meetings, emails, phone calls or social media. Mentors are advised to meet their mentees a few times in the Programme year and inform the Programme Facilitator how their Mentees are progressing, if necessary. Please check Tips for Mentors for more reference.

Mentors are welcome to share their views, stories and photos with their Mentees on the HKU Mentorship website to inspire others.

What are the benefits of the Mentorship Programme?

Mentors can maintain contact with academia, and other professionals, and also have the satisfaction of knowing they are playing a role in the development of a young inquisitive mind. Similarly, they can gain insight and perspectives from a younger generation’s point of view.

Regular communications with Mentees keep mentors in touch with HKU. Mentors will be invited to University functions and exclusive activities with their Mentee(s) and other Mentors.

When will the mentoring relationship begin?

Mentors will be invited to the Programme in August and September. In general, the matching of mentors and mentees will finish in late October or early November after the mentees’ selection and matching process. Mentors will be informed about their mentee(s) for that year and be invited to the Mentorship Inauguration in November.

Can I still contact my Mentee after the Programme year has ended?

The mentoring relation is officially one-year long, but you are most welcome to develop long-term friendships with your mentees. Some Mentors are still in touch with their Mentees of many years ago and continue to arrange gatherings with Mentees of different years.