• The university-wide HKU Mentorship was established, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, designed to give a unique learning experience for undergraduate students.
  • Through one-on-one relationships, students have a privileged opportunity to learn from distinguished alumni and members of the community, be inspired and challenged, and build far-reaching and multicultural networks.
  • 187 pairs of mentor and mentees matched.


  • HKU Mentorship extended to include Outbound Exchange Students.
  • Alumni in exchange students’ host countries are invited to be Overseas Mentors to support mentees in adapting to the local culture.
  • Overseas HKU Alumni Associations have an irreplaceable role in the process, that of inviting mentors and mentor-mentee matching.


  • Full Year Inbound Exchange Students can apply for a local mentor to gain a good understanding of the Hong Kong community.


  • Selected Global Buddies, Inbound Exchange Students who have finished their studies at HKU, are invited to be Overseas Mentors in their home countries.


  • HKU Alumni Networks in Beijing and Shanghai join hands with HKU Mentorship to launch Mentorship for Graduates in Mainland China. Through the one-year programme, Mentors will help Mentees navigate the workplace, understand local culture, and build intergenerational friendships along the way.
  • Mentors: Alumni in Beijing or Shanghai with 10+ years’ professional experience
  • Mentees: HKU new graduates who are starting their career in either city


  • 500+ pairs of mentors and mentees are matched in Hong Kong and globally every year.

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