Tips for Overseas Mentors

Many Overseas Mentors enjoy mentoring and supporting HKU mentees because the experience helps them staying connected to the Hong Kong community, members from Mainland China and other Asian countries. They have learnt from the process, and embraced new perspectives from some HKU exchange students. 

As an Overseas Mentor, you are expected to:  

  • provide support to your mentee(s);
  • offer advice or information about the host country or city;
  • keep in touch with your mentee(s) via emails, phone calls, social media, chat apps. Meetings are encouraged wherever possible;
  • if schedules allow, arrange home or workplace visits, lunches or dinners together; visit local events or tourist attractions together; organise/join outdoor activities or alumni events together. Mentors and mentees told us these are great ice-breakers and help build the relationship;
  • share, discuss and even challenge your mentee(s) on issues such as cultural observations and societal viewpoints; answer questions from your mentee(s) as best you can or direct them to find the answer(s);
  • connect your mentee(s) with other alumni, friends or family, if appropriate; expand the mentee’s network, which may in turn help their personal or future career/professional development;
  • provide feedback to Programme Facilitators via email or online feedback survey (after logging into the Mentorship Website Account), if needed, on the progress, your mentoring experience or anything the Facilitator should be aware of about the mentee(s); and
  • give permission to the Programme Facilitators to share snapshots of your mentorship moments on the Mentorship Website and Facebook page. Happiness is best when shared!