Tips for Exchange Mentees

Once a Mentor is successfully matched, you can:

  • receive support from the mentor;
  • seek advice or information from the mentor about the host country;
  • keep in touch with the mentor via emails, phone calls, social media, chat apps or meetings if geographical distance allows;
  • share and discuss with the mentor his/her experience and views, and ask for advice if in doubt about anything, regardless of the local culture or information; and
  • have opportunities to get acquainted with HKU alumni.

As an Outgoing Exchange Mentee, you are expected to:

  • initiate communications by sending an introductory email to your mentor prior to departing Hong Kong;
  • stay in touch with your mentor during the whole exchange period;
  • make yourself available for meetings with your mentor. Even if you do not live near to your mentor, you are encouraged to make plans to visit mentor when travelling. It may enrich your understanding about living or working in the country;
  • maintain confidentiality and protect the privacy of your mentor; do not share your mentor’s personal information with other students even if they are going to the same destination. Your mentor will not take general enquiries for every exchange student;
  • be thankful and not take it for granted that your mentor will pay for everything. If you wish to bring a non-mentee HKU student to meet your mentor or join alumni events, seek your mentor’s consent first, with the non-mentees bearing their own costs;
  • be independent and organised; do not ask your mentor to provide transportation to and from the airport or help you move into your residence or dormitory; try to search for transport information, and arrange transportation yourself or with other mentees when going to or from the airport or when joining alumni events;
  • show gratitude and say goodbye to your mentor when the exchange is coming to an end;
  • act like an educated young adult; show respect to your mentor and alumni in a way you want to be respected;
  • submit one online contact report during the exchange; as a mentee you are always welcome to share your mentorship experience with the Mentorship Programme Facilitator, along with a photo taken with their mentor.