HKU Mentorship (Overseas)


  • To create supportive relationships between mentors and mentees;
  • To assist mentees on exchange to adapt in a new environment;
  • To guide a mentee’s personal development; and
  • To help mentor stay connected with HKU and Hong Kong.

Who can be Overseas Mentors?

Invited HKU alumni who have been living in the host country for at least 3 years; or mature individuals recommended by HKU alumni. Mentors are not available in all exchange destinations, and the availability of mentors may differ every semester. Students can contact the Mentorship Programme Facilitator for information. Currently, Overseas Mentors are available in some areas of:

Europe: Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom

Asia-Pacific: Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney), Japan, Mainland (Beijing, Shanghai),  New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch), Singapore, Taipei

North America: Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island) the United States (Boston-New England, Illinois, New York, Northern California, Southern California)

Who can be Mentees?

Undergraduate students on overseas exchange for one semester or longer are eligible to apply to the Mentorship Programme (Overseas).

Applications open in November and April every year.