Thank you Mentor

“I just finished my last exam of this semester, also probably the last one of my undergraduate studies. I am nervous and excited about my graduation as well as embarking on a new journey as an investment banking analyst, which I expect to start in April. Thank you so much for referring me to ICBCA, where I had such a fruitful August. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful to have made connections in the banking sector.

I would refer back to your emails every now and then, only to find myself gaining new understanding every time. When searching for my path, I struggled a lot and felt confused quite often. Your advice was always very valuable to me, guiding me during my explorations and attempts to establish links. Again, my heartfelt gratitude for your kind help, sincere sharing of wisdom and all the precious guidance you gave me along the way!

The Mentorship experience has been more rewarding than I could ever imagine. As an undergrad, I found it a challenge to build deep connections with experienced alumni, but the Mentorship programme ensures commitment and sincerity from both sides. This would not be possible without you and all the other mentors who give your time to join and help! Being the more knowledgeable and experienced one with lots of duties already, you still take on this extra work to kindly offer thoughtful and pertinent advice. Thank you as I truly feel grateful and lucky.” A message from Li Zhiyu (BEcon&Fin 2021) to her Mentor Mr George Yuen.

How wonderful to see Mentees glow and fly high with the guidance of Mentors.  Thank you HKU Mentors and Mentees.

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