August 25, 2020

[Edmonton] Warm welcome

“Dr Willian Lai is very welcoming. Warm reminders were sent to me before my flight to Canada. He also introduced me to his former mentee so that I could receive advice from someone who had been on exchange in Alberta.
August 11, 2020

[S. Carlifornia] Meeting HKU family

“I really enjoyed the time I spent with my mentor Chris Lo. He introduced us to many HKU alumni at a luncheon at Monetary Park, and offered us advice on our future development. He is a great life coach.”
April 20, 2020

[Finland] One day at Suomenlinna

“We enjoyed Finland in a more in-depth way as we were able to learn much more about Finnish culture and activities from our mentor Laura.
February 17, 2020

Welcoming new mentee

Mentor Cedric Chan and his former mentees welcomed new member Ho Wing Ki (BBA[IS], centre) to their group in January.  
February 17, 2020

Off campus learning

Keep up the learning spirit during the class suspension period. Mentees Hester Tam (BBA, centre) and Freddy Shiu (BSc, right) met up with mentor Louise Chan (left) to enjoy a drink together. Earlier Louisa also joined the wedding dinner of a former mentee.  
February 5, 2020

Be connected

Mentor is your advisor, cheerleader and networker. Mr Tsang Wing Hang stands side by side with his mentees whenever they take up new challenges, whether in their studies, careers or life.