Never stop being inspired

From staying apart in two cities last year to enjoying regular face-to-face gatherings in Hong Kong now, mentor Christopher Drake and his mentees Wu Yung-hsuan (BSocSc) and Ida Kwok (BA) have managed to grow their friendships over this challenging time.

Yung-Hsuan, from Taiwan: “Chris offers me much-needed life advice every time we talk. I’m greatly interested in social work and volunteering. He is a perfect fit for me as he is very experienced in non-profits. He shared with me what he has done with his participation with numerous NGOs, and introduced me to charities and organisations he found important and that might suit my interests. It was truly eye-opening for me.”

Ida, “Chris himself is a very humble, loving and dynamic person who engages in different kind of philanthropic works. He taught me a lot about life attitudes, caring towards society and helping others. It is very pleasurable to talk with him on different cultural, political and religious issues. My English has also improved along the mentorship journey. I also joined my mentor for a paralegal workshop about rights and human trafficking for domestic helpers, which was a very rewarding experience.”


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