A new good friend

“My mentor Mr Yeung is a very humble and friendly person. We had a really great time during our lunch together. He gave me a lot of insights about the life of a barrister and future career options, and I got to know him more. He told me why he chose to join the legal field 30 years ago. It really inspires me as I am a year 2 law student and I do not really have a clear picture of what I would like to do in the future, so I am still exploring my future career options. Talking with my mentor was definitely a great opportunity to understand more about the legal sector. He encouraged me to see things from different perspectives and choose things that I really like to do.

Apart from career prospects, Mr Yeung also shared with me his homelife, family and hobbies. I would say Mr Yeung is not just a good mentor, but also a good friend. I am sure that we are going to meet again in the near future.” Mentor Mr Yeung Ming Tai (left) and mentee Cyrus Wong (LLB)






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