Positive outlook

“My mentor Dr Edmund Yau and I had dinner in Wan Chai last Saturday. We had a meaningful conversation on various aspects such as future career path, travel and even family matters. Seeing things from a different perspective gave me new insights.

Dr Yau’s attitude towards life has impacted me hugely. When facing challenges, he takes a positive outlook, which is something I need to learn to do. This also has me thinking about how to be prepared for the workplace after graduation, of which I have many concerns. I am finding it hard to figure everything out by myself, so after hearing the experiences of Dr Yau I have gained confidence about my future. Also, it is good to learn more about the working life of a professional from a different industry and I am impressed by the daily routine of a doctor’s life. It was truly an inspiring dinner and I was able to share my university life with him. I gained so much from it.”

Mentee Hanry Ng (BSW, right) with mentor Dr Edmund Yau.






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