Speaking Up

“One important piece of advice I received from my mentor, Kyran, is never be afraid of voicing your thoughts or viewpoints that may be different from that of a senior or someone who is more experienced. As the mentee, the younger and inexperienced one, it is natural to feel inferior and not dare to express one’s opinion. But communications build relationships, and through meeting with my mentor I realised that exchanging ideas with one another could be very inspiring and rewarding. If it was not for this Mentorship programme, I would not have had the opportunities to interact with people far more experienced than me, and I would be pushed back by my shyness. Because of my mentor, I become more confident in sharing ideas with other people.

Kyran is intelligent, kind-hearted, down-to-earth and humorous. He is talented in making friends, and he always emphasises the importance of networking and hearing other people’s stories. Kyran is a well-rounded person; he has a loving family, successful career, and he takes up many important roles in society. However, I think his most positive attribute is his desire to give back to society by taking part in boards or chairing numerous charities, and also serving as an HKU mentor for two decades. I am aspired to use my own network and resources to contribute to society, I’m really glad that my mentor is someone who does that and is a role model for me.” Jennifer Tsui (BSocSc) and mentor Mr Kyran Sze.





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