Supporting my journey in education

“Through my mentor, Professor Evelyn Man, who is a professor of Education, I am getting to know more about the drawbacks of being a secondary school economics teacher and what it is to be proud of being an HKU graduate. We also talked and joked about all the old-school English teaching style since we are both familiar with the primary school system in Hong Kong.

It is a pleasure to have Professor Man, current president of the HKU Alumni Association (HKUAA), as my mentor. We once met at the HKUAA restaurant in Central where we had a great time and exchanged Christmas presents. My mentor was surprised that I had written a song and performed it for her accompanied by a guitar. Before my final examinations, Professor Man also arranged a SUPERPASS dinner to give me extra support.

Overall, it is good to have a like-minded mentor to talk to and to support my aspirations, and not just talking about finance-related topics like most of the time when I talked to the Faculty’s professors.”

Mentor: Professor Evelyn Man Yee Fun
Mentee (2018-19): Mpemba Tsang, BEcon Year 2








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