[Toronto] Enjoyed my exchange life

“Sally is definitely a great mentor and friend to me. She helped me with my exchange studies and my career planning. Sally was so keen to share with me her experience of developing a successful career in auditing in Canada, which I really gained insights into as to how I should prepare for my future career in Finance. In addition to that, she took me to different places in Canada, which are not the usual spots to explore for tourists or exchange students, for example, the National Club in Toronto. These opportunities made my exchange life more colourful and interesting.

In addition to this, Sally knew I love hockey and she introduced me to her family and friends, among them is Tony who is also a fan of local hockey.  Tony then took me to watch a hockey game and we had some great conversations together.”

Mentor in Ontario, Canada: Ms Sally Chan (lady next to Kevin in the first photo)
Outgoing Exchange Mentee (2018-2019): Kevin Chan, BEcon&Fin Year 3






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